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Using Once in store and online

Take advantage of up to 55 days interest free anywhere and everywhere that Visa is accepted. And up to 6 months interest free for purchases of $250 or more on the Once Agile Visa card.

Shopping in person

Just like using a credit card, select what you want to purchase in store and simply present your Once Visa card to the sales assistant when you’re ready to pay.

They’ll insert or swipe your card in the terminal and key in the amount. You simply verify the amount, press the CREDIT button and then enter your PIN number to verify your purchase.

Shopping online or over the phone

Provide your card details as requested: [Image of Once Card front with arrows to Once card number, Embossed name, Expiry date.

If you’re asked for a CVV number, it’s the last 3 digits printed on the signature panel on the back of the card.

[Image of CCV placement]

Then simply confirm the amount.

Be sure to keep a record of your transaction so you can check it against your statement.

Find the hottest interest free deals around Use your Once account to take advantage of the Once retailer network and some of the most generous interest free terms available in Australia.

Find a store close to you

Use the store finder to find the stores nearest to you.

Keep your card at the ready

Once you have interest free finance approved from Once, you can use your account to make interest free purchases again and again you as long as you stay within your approved credit limit.

Get a credit limit increase

If you’ve found more great lifestyle deals that are too good to miss and need to increase your credit limit, simply call 13 ONCE (13 6623) with your financial details to hand. Our Customer Service team will be able to help you with a credit limit increase application.

More on increasing your credit limit


Get the lifestyle you want today without interest

You’ll avoid paying a cent of interest on your account by paying off the full amount within the interest free period.

However, interest charges kick in on the unpaid balance of the account at the end of the interest-free period and there is an annual fee of $99, charged at the time your account is opened and annually on the anniversary of your account being opened.

More about fees and charges