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One great thing about Once accounts is the interest free breathing space to pay off your purchases. Another is the freedom to repay, your way. And there are no penalties for additional repayments or early payout.

Pay it off, without paying interest Work out the monthly repayment required to pay off your purchase within the interest free period, by using this simple calculation:

Purchase Price + Annual Fee ÷ Number of interest free months

So, if you buy a new sofa for $5,000 on 6 months interest free, this is what you need to pay to avoid any interest:

$5,000 + $99.00 ÷ 6 = $849.83 per month for 6 months.

If you make payments by a method other than direct debit you will need to include an additional $2.50 non-direct debit fee, per payment.

For more on working out repayments so you avoid interest, use our handy repayments calculator.

Direct debit

Set up a monthly direct debit from your nominated bank account. In this way, the amount you allocate will be debited from your bank account to pay off your account balance.

BPAY or POSTbillpay

Details are found on your statement. A non-direct debit fee of $2.50 applies per transaction.

Minimum Monthly Payment (MMP)

This is equal to just 3% of your outstanding balance on the account or $30.00 - whichever is greater.

For instance if your outstanding balance is $5,000, then the MMP is $150. It’s important to understand that if you make only the minimum monthly repayments you will not pay out the purchase within the interest free period.

Repayments due

Your first repayment is due one month after your account is established.

Remember, you can pay off your purchase as quickly as you like and then move on to your next interest free purchase.